Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Media Has Melted Your Brain

Many people can't take care of themselves.  You rely on the media to program your brain on what to eat and how to save your money. There are many ways the media will melt your brain. Advertising that grocery store food discount is big corporations easiest way. Hey, for this weeks special at .50 a pound for pesticide tomato's, why not walk over and buy it, it's easy. You're now programmed. Monsanto has you by the curly's. The most evil corporation on earth.
So, why not grow it yourself? Join your local food growing program. (Its $10 a year!) If they don't exist, make one. I personally joined a group that grow food on a large piece of land provided by the city. We all water our own plot. When I joined I asked how much food is stolen. He stated only the rich steal! When they get caught, they get ridiculed, pictures posted on site. You won't see the homeless person steal anything because of the abundance of food the  garden  produces, a portion is donated to them. If they are seen walking around with lettuce hanging out of their sandwich and it wasn't their day to receive it, they are cut off. Nobody has been cut off, after 2 years of existence. Make sure you buy seeds that are not genetically modified! I bought mine from HERE.
Now lets talk about  saving your "money". As many know, fiat money has been taking a beating since 1913, dropping approximately 90% in buying power. Instead of giving a bunch of fake dollar bills to your grandchild, give him a SILVER COIN or a GOLD 1/4 Oz. They can't spend it so easily and it keeps its value.
When you get your next coffee make sure you look for the silver in the dimes and quarters that you receive back. Then get that coffee person to look for you in their till. Tell them you're a collector of old coins. Don't tell them that a 1966 quarter (and under) is worth 13 times its value or a dime is worth $1.30 (as of this writing). Just trade the dime for dime and quarter for quarter. Most people today have NO IDEA! When you get your monthly paycheck, put 10% away in SILVER BULLION. You can advertise for it on craigslist or go to your local coin shop. I used to hit garage sales and asked the owners if they have any silver upstairs. You won't believe how many do. I competed against an older guy who checked the local papers by calling garage sales asking the day before! We would wake up early and speed to all the silver owners!
I once went into an antique shop and watched the owner counting her change. I asked her if she's looking for silver. She said, What? What silver? People don't know and she owns an antique store!
Lastly, If you insist on using a bank to put that fake money in,  make sure you DON'T! Use a credit union instead. Here's Stop getting ripped off!

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