Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are We Going Back To the Stone Ages?

The dollar is dropping like a rock, gold is heading higher, tens of thousands march in Brussels over austerity, the UK is entering another housing collapse.
 Ireland is on the verge of collapsing. England needs more money or it's heading for the bottom of the barrel too. Canada legalizes prostitution and decriminalizes pot. Is this the mirror image of the 1930's or worse? It can't be. The newspapers and media state the recession is over and growth is coming our way. Forget that the trucking industry is worse than ever. Never mind 43 million are on food stamps, which is the entire population of Canada including every man, woman and child, plus the population of Detroit, Pittsburgh, Dallas and even the entire state of Montana!
If we didn't have alternative sites telling us what's really going on, unlike the 30's, these stories would be held from the general population. Not a soul would be able to get prepared. (most won't anyway).
Today, having the internet, unavailable for the 80's crash, SMART people have the opportunity to buy gold, silver, platinum, water, food, guns and maybe even a bunker! They can prepare.
Then we have the non-believers, the majority of individuals, who refuse to admit a catastrophe is on hand. They think that since the last 50 years or so, the government just fixed it, it will be fixed again. Things go up and things go down, they state nonchalantly.  The only thing they read is the trash about Britney Spears and how she forgot her bra today. They'll be called the suicide generation. Stunned, confused, hungry stupid or dead. When the dollar collapses and our paper is rendered useless,..the masses can't farm, grow a garden, cook or take care of themselves, what happens? They know the internet, texting, eating out, facebook and TV. I say it will be way worse than the 30's, (they can grow food)  80's (still farms) or even the 1800's. (no TV)  I honestly believe when everything crashes, could it be like the stone-ages?


  1. Good post and all true.

  2. I lost my job in Sept 2008. My brother lost his job a month ago, after working for the same company for 33 years.

    The first thing I suggested, was he till his back yard and start a garden. He has not done so yet. Perhaps he thinks he'll find another job real soon.

    About a year ago I converted 90% of my cash into gold and silver. Silver is now selling for more than I paid for it and my break even point on gold is about $110.00 away.

    My brother still has his 401K. I can't get him to consider that some day soon, his cash may become completely worthless. 30 years worth of saving and POOF! Worthless in one day.

    I have food and water stored, my brother has none, but what is in his kitchen.

    I have a small solar system and a 500 watt wind turbine. My brother at least has a camp stove and lanterns.

    I have seen the warning signs slowly develop since my job loss. People with jobs can't see the signs, but they do stay faithful to "Dancing with the Stars" and other crap on TV. I don't even watch TV.

    I'm collecting Mason jars and have taught myself all about home canning. I'll make big batches of soups and stews and divide them into quart and pint size jars.

    Collapse is going to happen. It's too late to stop it.