Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Silver Bullion Prices Exploding

For the investors that own nothing but their home, car and general assets that depreciate, should be looking at Silver. The bullion kind only. The type that you can hold. NEVER put your trust in the banks by way of certificates or bank boxes!
Want to know where to hide it? You can use as a plant stand,  door stops are also useful, as well as book ends. These rocks are 100 oz bricks that can be used as any daily  household helpers.  Imagine that, a door stop that goes up in value, daily! Other great silver finds to look for are the 1960's-70's U.S 1 Oz. wafers that collectors are buying. Also make sure you have a few Canadian 1994 or 1997 Silver Maple Leafs. These are collector pieces that are worth more than spot price. Many investors don't know this.
Concerned about theft? The general public has no idea what these rocks even look like. Only 2% of the population actually own Silver. When you're at your next party, ask any of the "depreciaters" if they own any silver. I have. Out of 30 people in the crowd NOT ONE owned any bullion!  You will be the richest person in the party, regardless whether they are millionaires or not, as the dollar depreciates monthly and your silver appreciates. When Gold doubles? Silver will quadruple. Your best bet is to invest in the cheap man's fools gold and that's Silver. Check this article out:  
The Chinese Silver Market Ready for Take-Off 

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One golden rule? NEVER tell anyone you have anything. You're poor. Complain how poor you are.