Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We, the Human Robots

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By Charles E. Rexford

Being the first of hopefully many blog entries to come, I find it necessary to reveal who I am and what I believe. I am a born and breed American and I love my country, but is this fact even important? I am a person that does NOT say “God Bless America”, as I believe God is greater than any country, people or politic. I say “God Bless us All” and our tiny blue planet. Furthermore, I am not one that believes the ideas of “War brings Peace, Ignorance is Strength, or terrorism is everywhere”- these statements are lies. Even though I am American, I am proud to say Iran is NOT my enemy, nor Syria nor any other country for that matter. I am not oblivious to the tyrannical nature of man and his abuses of the population and domination of the weak. I am opposed to these ideas, but I am not an enemy to the people of any country, as I too am oppressed. I cannot say to anyone, there is snow on your doorstep, while my own steps are unswept – my country has committed many atrocities.
So, am I different from my fellow citizens? No, I am not. I have just taken the necessary steps to learn the “true” history of the world and disregard the story fed to me since my waking life began. You and I have been deceived my friends. Now, I realize is my destiny is to, as the “Matrix movie” put it so eloquently “unplug” both my fellow man and continue to learn myself. The storyline of this movie has run out of new scenes, the marionette strings are about to be cut.
The question I have for you is simple, “Will you listen, consider, and research what I am presenting”? For what I am about to discuss in upcoming blogs will be difficult for many to believe. I understand the apprehensive and the skeptic nature of human beings. Although, I prefer those willing to listen, then consider the facts for themselves rather than disregard them without contemplation. I was where you are right now, and I too disbelieved, only because I wished the facts presented to me were not true. If you allow me the opportunity to present some of the background and you take time to research for yourself, you will clearly see what our planned world will look like if we ALL do not awake from our slumber.
Let us begin with a question “Are the crises happening all around us random occurrences or are they inherently interrelated events?” I realize I am generalizing many seemly random, progressing events: World economic collapse, nuclear catastrophes, world riots, resource wars, mass murder, rampant disease, extreme poverty and the return of the Royal Elitist Class (REC). Let me state clearly now, the world events surrounding us all are NOT random, but instead intentionally planned. So at this point, those previous questions I asked earlier come into play, “Will YOU listen?” If you are the type of person that cannot deal with their worldview being potentially shattered or their belief systems challenged with opposing facts, then I suggest you read no further. For the rest of you, I say the house is made of glass and I am prepared to cast the first stone.
For this, my first blog I decided to start at the present, today. The Western world is at the brink of financial, political and spiritual collapse. The Eastern world is the supposed replacement for the West’s leadership, economic ideals and policies. We are told this global transfer of power is a naturally occurring event, due to the West’s excessive and overarching lifestyle. While this statement is partially true, the distribution of wealth from the West to the East is no accident. We are seeing the equalization of global incomes from those with, to those without. In theory, this idea sounds reasonable as it is not righteous to have one group controlling all the world’s resources (remember this statement). Now, I am not here to debate whether the transfer of wealth is right or wrong, but we all know the cause of this societal transfer is Globalization. Whether this is the best idea or not, the transfer has already begun. The question is “Who or what instilled these ideas in the world mind? Who signed the accords and why is it important for them to equalize the world’s societal systems?” What is the New Economic Order we have been hearing about from all our leaders?
There has been an Economic War declared on the Western world, mainly its people. The people of the West have been purposefully lied to about the so-called “benefits” of a global policy. The Eastern people in turn are bombarded with the idea that money and consumption will solve all their problems. It is no longer good enough to have a farm, make your own clothes, and be independent. The idea of “Desire” has been ignited in your mind. Therefore, we leave the farms and work in factories. We suffer monotonous work day in, day out with the ultimate goal of buying some product that we believe will solve our unhappiness, only to find out again, the product let us down. The West is the master of creating this artificial demand and consumer ideology, now it is the East’s turn to suffer from the baited hook.
The point I would like to get across today is twofold 1) the chaos around us is tied to an intentional Economic War that is going on behind the scenes, 2) Globalization is the key to bringing ALL the world’s peoples to a state of servitude via endless desire, mind numbing work and dependence on the Royal Elitist Class (REC). The genius of the agenda is in the way the plan will remain hidden, which is the coming world race war. I am opposed to all forms of hate and discrimination. We need to love one another. To be continued in part two…Please make comment.

Your Compatriot,

Sunday, August 7, 2011

China's new aircraft carrier! Wow!

Found in a marine email list

These aircraft carriers look formidable and of ultra modern design. There are reports the 1st Chinese aircraft carrier is under construction and could enter service around 2015 or earlier. It won't be long before we see the real thing. Defense analysts are waiting; watching anxiously.

Chinas new air craft carrier

This is quantum leap above anything we have on the drawing board. they have thought " outside the box " on this one. Better speed, larger capacity, much more stable, etc. Definitely a " blue-water " long reach vessel.
Plus they can service their nuke sub fleet in-between the twin hulls ( sight unseen ) or even launch amphibious opps from same. It will be launched in half the time it takes the USA at just one-third the cost. Add the new Chinese stealth fighter bomber ( naval version already flight testing ) in the mix and you have the makings of a formidable weapons system indeed.
Also look at that extra ''parking and readiness'' station between both hull structures. And of course the launching and landing capabilities from the utilisation of twin flight decks at once

P.S. Some thought should be given to advising your grandchildren to learn to speak mandarin ( forget spanish )

P.P.S Six of these vessels ( two pacific, two atlantic, one indian ocean and one med sea )
would be a pretty good diplomatic " big stick ". note :
the chinese are already drilling for oil off cuba . brazil and venezuela .
can they build a fleet of these things ???

a few facts: the chinese have completed the world's biggest dam ( three gorges ),
the world's longest over-water bridge ( 65 times as much steel as in the eiffel tower ).
constructed a 15.000 ' high railroad into tibet (all considered major engineering feats).

They are the only nation other than russia that can launch men into outer space ( our capability ended with the last space shuttle launch this month )
They have also shot down a surveillance satellite ( one of their own ) from the ground. Plus they " own our ass " in the international debt game.

China's new a/c carrier could be twice as fast as anything we have, plus the stability of a catamaran type hull will greatly reduce the pitching, yawing and swaying common to our present designs.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Europe needs to contain debt crisis, IMF warns


The International Monetary Fund says potentially destructive and unpredictable contagion risks spreading to the global economy if Europe’s leaders don’t quickly......

Fannie, Freddie, and the Three “Crises”

Scott Sumner

There’s a lot of discussion now about the role of the GSEs in “the crisis.” Unfortunately, not everyone is talking about the same crisis. Some are talking about the housing bubble/crash, some are talking about the late 2008 financial crisis, and I believe both groups have the 2011 unemployment crisis in the backs of their......

Debt Anxiety Pushes Financials Down as Bank of America, Goldman Hit Lows

Avi Salzman

The market slumped again on Monday, pulled down by European banks reeling from continuing sovereign debt concerns and anxiety over the possibility that U.S. politicians will miss their deadline to

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

US '13 days from financial disaster'

Giles Whittell

AMERICA is 13 business days from an unprecedented default on its national debt that could tip the country back into recession and set off a new financial crisis if not averted with increased borrowing, President Obama believes.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Marc Faber on Gold, Silver, Deflation and the U.S. Economy


In the deflationist scenario, you don’t want to be in US govt. bonds & cash. In that scenario, the fiscal deficit would deteriorate greatly. If the Dow went below 1000, we would be in a total economic collapse where tax revenues would fall off a cliff. So even in the deflationist scenario you don’t want to be in the long end of the government bond market. It’s important to diversify your assets geographically. Political changes can completely wipe you out if you keep it all in one country.