Thursday, September 9, 2010

Collapse Comes? Now What?

Lets face it, nothing lasts forever. You, your mate, your home, money, your couch, TV, car, favorite TV show, it all dies, ends, disintegrates or breaks. Mostly everything resets and starts back at, or near zero.
Most believe the petri dish will never overflow and the bacteria just keeps growing. Well guess what, it has to stop. The petri party has just about come to an end. When stuff rots, it disintegrates, like a brown shriveled rotten banana. Now what?
 Life just took a turn for the worse and it happened overnight. The dollar collapses, your bank account is just numbers, debit cards are obsolete and the grocery store just got cleaned out 20 minutes ago. You look bewildered,  watching the bottom of the screen on American Idol. You can't believe it, but it happened.
The President then comes on from his secret bunker in Alberta Canada on NBC, FOX NEWS and CBS stating we have a problem.  Don't be alarmed, he proclaims. The military will be taking care of the situation and you must obey them if you want calm. Stay inside and be alert, he states. More details to follow.
You never prepared for this. You didn't collect dry food, water, bullion, a gun, nothing. You ridiculed the hundreds of blogs and sites proclaiming that things change and be prepared. You kept saying it won't be this year but probably in 20 years. You pretended to know the inside info of the elite. You never thought for a second that billionaires were giving their fortunes away. Why? People don't give 50% of their savings away, for what reason? Would you? Is something coming this way? Did they give their money away because they won't need it soon? 
Since you have been conditioned so well, you put your feet back up and think, it will be alright. It can't happen and it didn't. I don't believe it. Things will be back to normal in the morning. Hey the market collapsed, I'm still alive, housing crashed, it will come back, the sky isn't  as blue but I can live with that. The only time you'll understand the grim reality is when the mob comes crashing through your door. Uh oh. It's too late.

Some things to think about after watching sundays ball game.

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