Monday, September 13, 2010

Giving To the Poor Scam

How many times have you seen the relief fund wagon drive across your TV screen recently? What about when you walk down the street, you see the Red Cross bullies on each side of the sidewalk. "Do you have a minute"? Do you feel bad that you didn't stop? Well you shouldn't. The Red Cross is probably the biggest scam out there. Lets consider the CEO $651,957 Salary in 2003.  The former head of communications of the Swedish Red Cross (Röda Korset), Johan af Donner, is to be tried on embezzlement charges after investigations reveal he swindled charities out of nearly 8 million kronor ($1.13 million). Recently, the Red Cross has come under fire for a scam involving the selling of donated blood to vampires. Many proponents of the Red Cross fear that this scam will cause people to lose faith in the organization, causing a drastic drop in blood donations. Noted Red Cross enthusiast and part-time writer J.K. Rowling disagrees, however, saying, "I don't think people will really care that much." One does not have to go too far back in history than the 911 and Tsunami disasters to see that governments and pretentious agencies only do something if there is something in it for them. Sad. Total Revenue FY ending 6/2003: $2,946,000,000"
There is no one, repeat no one, that is worth that kind of money let alone members of a charitable organizations who can't or won't fulfill even their mandate let alone are befitting of all that dough!
Just like days of old when all were duped into thinking that the kings where above others but finally when challenged to prove that they indeed were better than others they could not do it.
In this gloomy picture there yet may be glimmer of hope - naturally you will not hear much about this if at all....
"...One charity has stayed above all this for 137 years. The Salvation Army is unique among all U.S. charities for many reasons. Let’s start at the top. Commissioner Todd Bassett receives a salary just $13,000 per year (plus housing) for managing this $2 Billion dollar organization. By comparison, Brian Gallagher, President of the United Way receives a $375,000 base salary (plus numerous expensive benefits) and the Red Cross President Marsha Evans receives $450,000 ( the article was written in 2002 a wapping 50% increase in 1 year??) plus benefits..."
The Salvation Army. What does it do with all the clothes? Goodwill and Salvation Army take your used clothing donations and make big bucks in selling them overseas for unconscionable profits, reports ABC News.(
What about the your local homeless person?
How many times do you see the homeless sitting on the sidewalk, with their hat stretched out and you drop a quarter or dollar in it. You feel good. Have you ever watched what they did with that hard earned money you gave away? Crack, pot, beer, meth. Food.? Hardly ever. They are so full from people giving them donuts, 7/11 slushies, sandwiches that they dump the food in the garbage. The food bank truck circles the city giving them food and blankets so many times I have watched them throw the blankets out. They eat more than the average person. The look on their face when people drop sandwiches in their lap is frightening. Eyes rolled, their head shake and they jam their overflowing knapsack, squishing the $4.99 sandwich in disgust. I've seen it. Dozens of times! 
I watched a crying woman, a skeleton of a being, with her hand out, running daily with her hands outstretched. "Please help me", tears flowing down her cheeks. I'm starving! People by the dozens give her $20 bills. I watched her rake in about $200 in 15 minutes. I followed her. She took the cash to her dealer and smoked crack until her eyes bulged. She does it every day for years. I see a guy, daily,  bent over with his hands begging for money "crying" as he squirts water into his eyes every few minutes. He makes a fortune! I even listened to him on his blackberry talk to his broker about a stock trade! The gullible zombies walking around handing out their hard earned money to these frauds is quite comical. 
So before you hand out that hard earned cash to make yourself feel better? You better think. Is  this just another fraud in a world of scams? Probably.

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  1. It’s a good thing The US Red Cross is not corrupted like that swiss Red cross!
    In America when you want good leadership it is well known that if you only pay people peanuts you only get monkeys, not politicians that have a war “against” terror to run!
    Elizabeth Dole like her politician husband were no monkeys when it came to money grubbing!
    Senator Elizabeth Dole (NC-R) was Red Cross CEO for several years. Her salary was $500,000 w/ benefits. Current Red Cross CEO salary: $651,000.
    A proud american record!
    The Red Cross, under the Liberty Fund, collected $564 million in donations after 9/11. Months after the event, the Red Cross had distributed only $154 million. The Red Cross' explanation for keeping the majority of the money was that it would be used to help 'fight the war on terror'. To the victims, this meant that the money was going towards bombing broken backed third world countries like Afghanistan and setting up surveillance cameras and expanding the police state in US cities, and not towards helping them rebuild their lives.
    Then Red Cross President Dr. Bernadine Healy arrogantly responded when questioned about the withholding of funds by stating, "The Liberty Fund is a war fund. It has evolved into a war fund."
    Despite the family members of victims of 9/11 complaining bitterly to a House Energy and Commerce Committee's oversight panel, the issue seemed to be brushed under the carpet and the mud didn't stick.
    The Red Cross' scandalous activities reach back far before 9/11.
    After the devastating San Francisco earthquake in 1989, the Red Cross passed on only $10 million of the $50 million that had been raised, and banked the rest.
    Similar donations after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the Red River flooding in 1997 were also greedily withheld.