Friday, September 10, 2010

Inside The Mind Of A Conspiracist

How many posters believe Conspiracy people are out of their mind? Most people think that a conspiracy is just that. Not true, made up, make believe.
You see, we have been manipulated to believe that conspiracies have to be false.  I see more and more conspiracy sites growing daily. (About 4,950,000 results, when you google "conspiracy sites".) Perhaps money is being made with imaginative minds? Perhaps not.
A group to be reckoned with are the Bilderbergers, or the 130 or so top executives of the largest corporations in the world. Could they be real? Can a group of people actually dictate the world? Maybe. Why do they hold important meetings every few years? What do they discuss? How come the press can't sit in and listen? What are they hiding?
The 911 conspiracy group are the most vocal these days. You can usually see them standing around with signs blaming the government  for the imploded buildings. Here you can you hear Larry Silverstein say pull it. Could the conspiracy nuts be all nuts? Did the government just lie, withhold info to protect their best interests?
What about the John F. Kennedy assassination ? Could the FBI, KGB or CIA have killed him? One theory was that the Federal Reserve was somehow involved in the assassination to protect its power over monetary policy. Possible?
What about the Philadelphia Experiment? What happened to the sailors? The Navy, in a search for a plausible answer, has suggested that perhaps the Philadelphia Experiment was confused with experiments done attempting invisibility to magnetic mines. This was a process known as degaussing.
But the ship was gone from the harbor for about 4 hours, not just a few minutes. Legend has it that the ship was transported through space and time. It arced through Space/Time.
Four hours later it returned to its original place. There was a greenish haze on deck. Some of the sailors were on fire. Some seemed insane. All were sick. Some had heart attacks. Some were dead. Some were part of the super structure of the ship, buried in the deck or walls of the ship. Some reports said that men just seemed to disappear and were never seen again.
But where had the ship gone for 4 hours? Some witnesses placed it in Norfolk Harbor. Others say it voyaged 40 years into the future and wound up at Montauk, New York.
The Navy denied everything and said the men were lost at sea. Perhaps one day the truth will be known.
The Montauk Experiment purported links several of these sailors to Montauk, New York with a time loop to 1983.
Then they have the conspiracy theory of the Government not knowing what the military is really doing. The President does not have inside knowledge of the new technology created by Aliens! The Military and aliens have been working together for years on various projects, or something like that!
What really is true, fake, a theory or a conspiracy? Is God real? Is Steven Hawkings right about the universe being created by itself? What does a conspiracy brain really look like if it was dissected? Are they the same as a non conspiracy brain? After all, a murderers brain is completely different then a normal brain. Some puzzles just go together, easily. Others have to be researched and dissected too.

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  1. I think you are on to something here. Perhaps there is something innate in the typical conspiracy theorist's brain that makes him more prone to see patterns everywhere he looks, whether it be at the clouds or in his swirling soup at the dinner table. Some apply this tendency to numbers. Numbers can be manipulated infinitely and done so to suit your own outcome. Some 'conspiracists' take it and run with this, convincing themselves they are unlocking codes and revealing secrets at the very level of numbers themselves. But, as with seeing faces in the clouds or shapes in the popcorn on the ceiling, they dont realize that all these patterns are self-generated. That their own imaginations created them and drew the links. Perhaps it is a failing of logic, or perhaps it has something to do with letting one's imagination rule one's reality, instead of vice versa. I tend to think it is a matter of being 'uber-aware' yet not really aware at all.